Copic Sketch Markers - Basic 24 Colors Set

Copic makes the highest quality color markers in the world. Developed for and widely adopted by professional Japanese manga artists, Copic markers are ideal for all types of art, design, illustrations and crafts. The Copic Sketch inks are alcohol-based for longer durability and free of harmful chemicals or overwhelming odors. The ink is acid-free and does not destroy paper fiber the way that some water-based inks do. Each marker is double-sided, with a Medium Broad tip on one end and a Super Brush on the other.

The Basic 24 Colors Set is a perfect comprehensive set for beginner artists and professional illustrators alike. It combines the color schemes of Set A andSet B creating collection of well-balanced hues that complement each other harmoniously.

This set includes 24 colors: Barley Beige, Dark Suntan, Warm Gray No. 1, Warm Gray No. 2, Warm Gray No. 7, Colorless Blender, Pale Fruit Pink, Spring Orange, Cool Gray No.1, Cool Gray No. 4, Cool Gray No.7, Black, Bougainvillaea, Atoll, Canary Yellow, Spectrum Green, Ice Blue, Soft Violet, Water Lily, Silk, Barium Yellow, Pale Green, Pale Porcelain Blue, and Iridescent Mauve.

Manufacturer: Copic

Model: Basic 24 color set