Pink Marble Personal Planner + Accessories

If you love all things organized and stylish, this gorgeous personal planner is the perfect choice for you. It is made out of soft synthetic leather and has a stud closure for an easy daily use. The Pink Marble Personal Planner features lots of storage space with a total of six storage pockets on the inside! Take it on the go or keep on your desk for everyday notes and ideas. 

The 'Scheduler Type' includes:

  • 1 page of Personal Info
  • 1 page of 'Dates to Celebrate'
  • 24 pages of Monthly Planner
  • 60 pages of Weekly Planner
  • 10 pages of List
  • 15 blank pages
  • 1 transparent storage pocket
  • 1 golden polka dot ruler

The 'Basic Type' includes:

  • 1 page of Personal Info
  • 25 squared pages
  • 25 blank pages
  • 25 dotted pages
  • 10 pages of List
  • 1 transparent storage pocket
  • 1 golden polka dot ruler

    Size: 13.5cm x 18.8cm (A6)

    Material: fine synthetic leather