Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencil Dictionary - 30 Color Set - Rainforest

Irojiten is a beautifully crafted collection of premium Japanese colored pencils presented in elegant book-like cases. They have a luxurious enamel finish and a soft wax-based lead that produces rich, creamy texture while blends smoothly and evenly. Designed for professional artists but equally enjoyed by beginners, Irojiten colors layer easily without waxy build-up. They are ideal for coloring, fine art, illustrations, doodling, journaling and more.

This set comes with 30 colored pencils divided into following volumes:

  • Volume 1 - Pale Tone I: Orchid Pink, Coral Pink, Shell Pink, Narcissus Yellow, Lettuce Green, Ice Green, Aqua Blue, Forget-me-not Blue, Lilac, and Pigeon Gray.
  • Volume 2 - Vivid Tone I: Cherry Red, Tangerine Orange, Dandelion Yellow, Chartreuse Green, Parrot Green, Peacock Blue, Kingfisher Blue, Lapis Lazuli Blue, Iris Violet, and Ivory Black.
  • Volume 3 - Deep Tone I: Crimson, Chestnut Brown, Autumn Leaf, Maple Sugar, Olive Yellow, Elm Green, Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Mulberry, and Taupe.

Manufacturer: Tombow

Model Number: CI-RTA