Tombow Play Color 2 Double-Sided Marker - 12/24/36 Color Set

This set presents a complete collection of Tombow Play Color 2 aqueous markers. Each marker has two tips, a plastic fine tip that draws 0.4mm thin lines and a broad fiber tip that draws 1.2 mm thick lines. The fiber tip is made out of long lasting polyester that maintains shape after repeated use. Thanks to their versatile tip size, Play Color 2 markers are perfect for note taking, color coding and doodling while the large array of colors gives you endless possibilities for coloring, drawing and illustrating.

Each set includes 36 colors: Aqua, Ash Brown, Azalea, Black, Blue, Chocola, Chrome Yellow, Cool Pink, Crimson, French Blue, Gentian Blue, Gray, Green, Honey Orange, Light Blue, Lime Green, Navy, Olive, Orange, Pale Green Blue, Pale Purple, Pale Rose, Peach Pink, Pink, Porcelain Green, Princess Pink, Prussian Blue, Purple, Red, Rose, Royal Purple, Sky Blue, Tomato Red, Violet, Yellow, and Yellow Green.

Manufacturer: Tombow

Model Number: GCB-013